Welcome to our new website!

Hello Quilters!

Jeri’s Quilt Patch would like to announce that our new website as changed from an online store to an informational site with blog posts, free patterns, and other news from us. After nearly 11 years of operating an online store in addition to over 35 years for our brick and mortar store in Norway, Michigan, we decided to put all of our energy into our brick and mortar store and the quilt shows we travel to rather than splitting our time between essentially two stores. We enjoyed our venture to online sales and met a lot of interesting quilters along the way both locally and all over the world. We hope our customers continue to frequent our website for shop news, which will be in conjunction with our facebook posts. Thank you all for your patronage and we look forward to future visits in our store and along the road.

Happy Quilting! Jeri


    1. Hi Cindy,

      Sorry it took us a while to respond. We have bundles on sale in the shop all the time. We have great prices during Super Bowl Sale, Spring Cleaning Sale and at the Quilt Shows we vendor. We no longer have an online store. We will be at St. Cloud, MN June 13 evening, 14, 15, and 16 in 2018. So, we will be busy creating new bundles for all these events. Thanks for asking. Jeri


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